Spirit™ Series

Spirit™ Series

Energy Engineering

Using an in-house nitrogen generator to supply your nitrogen gas demand is the easiest way to reduce nitrogen related costs, and thus increase profits.

The Spirit™ system is a membrane based nitrogen generator designed with flexibility in mind for growing companies. Completely self-contained, the base model includes all filtration needed even with an oil-flooded compressor.

Controls are manual, but options are available to automate start and stop and continuous display of purity.

Major Features

  • Continuous flow membrane technology
  • Extremely small footprint for ease of integration
  • Design flexibility to meet extremely varied application demands
  • Low to moderate capacities
  • N2 purities up to 99.5% (0.5% O2 content)
  • No electronics — just pipe inlet and outlet to your process (an easy solution to hazardous area requirements)
  • Fits through standard 36″ door
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